Gulf Arabic Verb Lexicon

The Gulf Arabic verb lexicon contains more than 2,600 verbs and their full paradigms (or conjugation tables). The lexicon was developed as part of the creation of the Gulf Arabic Morphological Analyzer (Khalifa et al., 2017). Each verb is assigned one of 104 unique paradigms that specifies all of its inflections. The base verbs are from Qafisheh Gulf Arabic - English dictionary.

Lexicon Features and Organization

There are two parts to the lexicon: the verbal entries and the paradigms (conjugation tables).

(a) Verbal Entries

Each verbal entry (see above) indicates the following (from left to right):

(b) Paradigm Entries

Each of the 104 paradigms is represented as a conjugation table with an iconic representative verb. The specifics of the paradigm and the iconic verbs are indicated at the top of the paradigm entry.
This is followed by a table showing the conjugation for all peron-gender-number combinations in the perfective, imperfective and imperative forms of the verb.
Finally, each paradigm entry also lists all of its verb members in the lexicons.

The Gulf Arabic Verb Browser

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